Hunter Hunkers Down In River Murray

Hunter Hunkers Down In River Murray

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54-year-old father Eric Helmick is now helping his 25-year-old son Hunter Helmick continue the swim down the River Murray in Australia. The River Murray is Australia’s longest river at 2,508 km. The team of Eric and Hunter with younger (16) brother and logistics coordinator Tuck Helmick left Corryong, Victoria on November 10th in 12°C water. But the sponsorship support and logistics plans have changed, leading the father is give up his dream in order to support his son.

So the Helmick’s carry on their Help! World Tour. “100% of donations [to Team Help!] go directly to the cause of raising up youth and strengthening families,” said father Eric.

An endurance swim is not really my life’s dream,” admits Hunter, an illusionist who has performed around the world. “But doing something epic that inspires others to live big, is.” Hunter will travel back up along the Murray River on a tour of his musical Help! after the downstream swim is complete.

Two other people have swum down the River Murray prior to the Helmick’s Take Your Dream challenge. In 1993, Graham Middleton of Corryong, Australia swam 2,336 over 138 consecutive days. Then between November 2000 and February 2001, Australian professional marathon swimmer Tammy van Wisse spent 106 days in her solo stage swim of 2,438 km along the River Murray.

Because of the nature of the landscape including national forest and private land, there is not always access to the shore or their crew following on shore. “The support crew is prepared to spend 3–4 nights at a time on the river and catch up with the shore crew days later. Shires, communities and schools along the Murray River have been notified of our event and were given a preliminary schedule of our expected arrival in each city. It’s more about us as a team believing in people than it is about them cheering us on.”

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Eric and Hunter Helmick swimming the Mulwala Lake

Sacred Heart Primary students welcome Eric and Hunter Helmick on shore.

Team Help! founders, Eric and sons Tuck and Hunter are presented with Yarrawonga Swimming Club t-shirts from the students of Sacred Heart Primary School.

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