I Felt Fine, But It Was A Shock

I Felt Fine, But It Was A Shock

I Felt Fine, But It Was A Shock

Courtesy of Tod Hardin, Plastic Oceans International.

Sarah Ferguson, a South African swimmer, physiotherapist, motivational speaker, and Pilates instructor from Durban, was the first person to complete a 60 km circumnavigation swim around Easter Island in Polynesia. She completed the swim in 19 hours 8 minutes in March 2019 that was the subject of John McCarty’s book, Swimming Easter Island.

Her swim around Easter Island was a feat for which she was awarded with a Guinness World Record.

Last month, Ferguson was tested positive for coronavirus. Tod Hardin, Head of Operations & Communications of Plastic Oceans International, conducted an far-reaching interview with her to discuss her condition.

For some background information on COVID-19:

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