I Got Stung By A Jellyfish - Tell Your Story

I Got Stung By A Jellyfish – Tell Your Story

If you have been stung by a jellyfish, there is a website for you: IGotStung. Whether you had a bad sting or just a little sting, dozens of stings or just one sting, you can tell your jellyfish sting story.

As only a few examples, Linda Kaiser tells of swallowing a jellyfish here. Guila Muir tells of jellyfish in the cold waters surrounding Seattle here. Doug McConnell tells of getting bombarded with thousands of little zingers across the Catalina Channel here.

Share your jellie story.

The IGotStung.com website and database purpose is multi-fold:

1. to start identifying the types of jellyfish in places where open water swimmers train
2. to start identifying the presence of jellyfish in waters where open water swimmers train
3. to start helping swimmers understand the types of jellyfish through photos of actual jellyfish stings
4. to share information with interested marine biologists
5. to share information with commercial jellyfish sting spray/ointment manufacturers
6. to start identifying in visual form the global proliferation of jellyfish
7. to establish a photo gallery of jellyfish stings
8. to begin to track whether or not jellyfish encounters are increasing

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