I Gotta Swim Way, Way Over There

I Gotta Swim Way, Way Over There

Courtesy of WOWSA, Donaghadee, Northern Ireland.

Attila Mányoki is one swim away from completing the Oceans Seven.

But it is one tough crossing – from Northern Ireland to Scotland across the North Channel.

Mányoki will begin anytime now, perhaps this weekend to culminate his Oceans Seven challenge:

* August 2013: English Channel crossing from England to France in 10 hours 47 minutes
* August 2014: Tsugaru Channel crossing from Honshu to Hokkaido in 7 hours 29 minutes
* August 2015: pulled unconscious during a crossing of the North Channel
* September 2015: Molokai Channel record crossing from Molokai to Oahu in 12 hours 2 minutes
* October 2015: Catalina Channel crossing from Catalina to the mainland in 10 hours 59 minutes
* April 2017: Cook Strait crossing from South Island to North Island in 6 hours 57 minutes
* November 2017: Strait of Gibraltar tandem swim with Zach Margolis in under 4 hours
* Today: window for his second attempt of the North Channel begins

If successful, he will be the first person from Hungary to complete the Oceans Seven and will join Stephen Redmond (Ireland), Anna-Carin Nordin (Sweden), Michelle Macy (USA), Darren Miller (USA), Adam Walker (UK), Kimberley Chambers (New Zealand), Antonio Argüelles (Mexico), Ion Lazarenco Tiron (Moldavia/Ireland), Rohan Dattatrey More (India), Abhejali Bernardová (Czech Republic) and Cameron Bellamy (South Africa) in this achievement.

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