I Love The Power Of The Sea

Courtesy of Ori Sela who talks about the 377 km Cyprus Israel Relay Swim that was nominated for the 2014 World Open Water Swimming Performance of the Year.

Sela talks about his experiences and effort in an unprecedented 6-man relay from Cyprus in the Mediterranean Sea to his native Israel together with Udi Erell, Doron Amosi, Ben Enosh, Oded Rahav, and Luc Chetboun. After 60 hours on their first attempt in 2013, Mother Nature won round one when safety became a major concern and the team had to abort their swim.

But the following year in October 2014, the sextet attempted an even longer 377 km course from Cyprus to Israel. The pioneers braved the seas and finished in a cumulative 123 hours 10 minutes, swimming through 5 full days and nights to set history’s 6-person distance relay record.

The Power of the Sea by Ori Sela at TEDxNicosia.

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