I Will Not Be Back…Until Next Year

I Will Not Be Back…Until Next Year

Every year, Lorna Cochran will not commit that she will return to the aQuellé Midmar Mile. But like she has been doing since she first started in Midmar at the age of 76 years in 2000, the sprite 90-year-old showed up at the starting line like clockwork.

It was wonderful,” said Cochran who swam 9 minutes faster this year than her time last year. “It was the same this year like all the others, it was brilliant.”

At the end of the race, she commented with grace, “I must also congratulate all the swimmers, especially all the disabled swimmers. To me, that really is something to be admired and such an achievement. They’re fantastic people!

When asked about her plans to return in 2015 and continue her remarkable run Cochran replied, “As I always say, you can’t pick green tomatoes.

Race directer Wayne Riddin was full of praise for Cochran, “If I had to organize the event and put in all the effort just for Lorna, I would. Just to see her go eight minutes faster than last year and what she has achieved is great.”

It was fantastic. I couldn’t believe her rhythm,” added her son Neil Cochran. “She is a lot fitter this year and the reaction of the crowd was wonderful. Truly, she has become quite the princess of the Midmar Mile.”

Lorna Cochran is shown with Wayne Riddin.

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