Ian Wheeler Takes The Snake River Challenge In Idaho

Ian Wheeler Takes The Snake River Challenge In Idaho

Ken Schuh and the Inland Empire Swimming hosted the inter-state, downstream ¾-mile Snake River Challenge over the American Independence Day weekend in Lewiston, Idaho with age-group and masters swimmers of all ages in attendance.

With abundant sunshine after an unseasonably rainy season, the athletes swam with some fast Snake River currents (3-4 mph) and cool water temperatures of 61°F (15°C).

The swimmers engaged in some close battles and the spectators were able to follow the race from a close shoreline trail

The first race was for the masters swimmers won by Erin Craft followed closely by Chelsea Murn, Tamara Coulter and Linda Snyder. The next race featured the younger USA Swimming registered swimmers and was won by Ian Wheeler edging out Nate Endebrock, Courtney Schwiesow, Kaelen Connacher and Naveed Johnson.

The timing for the race was done by a new macro-based Excel spreadsheet Open Water Meet Management tool called ‘H2OWSwimtime’,” explained Ken.

Top 10 Overall Results (for final results, click here:
1. Ian Wheeler, 11:10.69
2. Nate Endebrock, 11:32.61
3. Courtney Schwiesow, 12:03.93
4. Kaelen Connacher, 12:10.11
5. Naveed Johnson, 12:10.64
6. Asehel Jenkins, 12:24.32
7. Amber Garrett, 12:25.26
8. Corey Bradshaw, 12:42.31
9. Jay Semmons, 13:10.65
10. Abbie Olson, 13:22.93

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