Ice Man Cometh

Ice Man Cometh

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Prior to the August 15th International Ice Swimming Association 1 km South African Championships, Ram Barkai and the International Ice Swimming Association organized a qualifying swim in a local pool for the 1 km event.

32 swimmers required qualifying and entered in the 500m swim.

I had to negotiate with the Local Fish Factory, which manufactures ice flakes for fishing vessels and for storage,” explains Ram Barkai. “The ice comes in 1 ton (1000 litre) boxes. It is fresh clean water frozen into flakes. I managed to get 32 tons on ice to lower the water temp as much as I could. We managed to get to 7°C in some places. But it was an epic fun event and an experience for all.

Kids jumped in and swam 25 meters, too.

People came out and said to me, ‘Now I understand what you are talking about.’ They were on a natural high after the swim and couldn’t believe they have done in good time

Barkai and crew identified a little dam in the mountains that has snow every year in mid-August. The water temperature is current around 5°C with an air temperature that varies between -6°C to +4°C.

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