Ice Swimmers To Compete In Veitsbronn In The New Year

Ice Swimmers To Compete In Veitsbronn In The New Year

Ice Swimmers To Compete In Veitsbronn In The New Year

Courtesy of Oliver Halder, Veitsbronn, Germany

The IISA World Cup Series & 6th Ice Swimming Aqua Sphere German Open 2020 will be held from January 4th to 6th 2020.

  Oliver Halder explains, “The Veitsbad in Veitsbronn, near Nuremberg, will be a competition venue for the now 6th Ice Swimming Aqua Sphere German Open 2020 where the winner of the 2019 World Cup, Christof Wandratsch, will participate. He is the godfather [of ice swimming] in his home town and judges together with the local ice swimming club KeepFrozen! e.V. and many hard-working helpers.

  Due to the consistently high quality of the event, the competition will once again be part of the IISA World Cup Series in accordance with the International Ice Swimming Association (IISA). Veitsbronn is in line with this, between Amsterdam in the Netherlands and Sandford in Great Britain. The upcoming event will also bring Veitsbronn into the focus of the International Olympic Committee which deals with the selection of new sports for the Winter Olympics.

  The rules of ice swimming are relatively simple. Without warming protection, swim a predefined distance in the fastest possible time with commercially available swimming trunks or bikinis or swimsuits with swimming caps and swimming goggles. The water temperature should be below the 5°C mark so that ice swimming records can be counted. If necessary, the competition pool will of course be kept ice-free so that the races can start unhindered in January.

  To qualify for the Ice Kilometer, swimmers will be in water below 5°C. It is precisely this challenge that attracts swimmers from all over the world to Veitsbronn. There will be 468 starts on this ice swimming weekend and participants from 20 nations: Argentina, Belgium, France, Greece, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Russia, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa , Czech Republic, USA, and Germany.

  For more information, visit or visit us on Facebook at The program booklet is online here.

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