Ice Swimming 4th World Championship Is On - Check Out The New IISA Website

Ice Swimming 4th World Championship Is On – Check Out The New IISA Website

IISA founder and ice swimming visionary Ram Barkai announced the launch of the new International Ice Swimming Association website – see here.

Barkai also invited interested athletes, coaches, administrators, sponsors, and media representatives to participate in the announcement of the IISA 4th World Championship. The virtual unveiling will take place on October 3rd at 19:00 GMT. To log in, visit here.

Barkai explained the new features on the IISA website, “The website includes all distances in a pool course that will qualify for World Records in the overall, age group, and disabled categories. The IISA world record book will continue to be updated. All distances swum in IISA World Championship will designate the winners to hold the title of World Champion in their respective distances. The Ice Kilometer remains the IISA most prestigious distance. The overall male and female winners of IISA World Championship 1 km race will receive the title King on the ICE and Queen on the ICE.

The officialIISA competition distances include the 1000m freestyle, 750m freestyle, 500m freestyle, 250m freestyle, 100m freestyle, 50m freestyle, 250m breaststroke, 100m breaststroke, 50m breaststroke, 100m backstroke, 50m backstroke, 100m individual medley, 50m butterfly, 4x250m freestyle relay. The distances also include the 3000m freestyle, 2500m freestyle, 2000m freestyle, and 1500m freestyle when the water is over 5.0°C as qualifying swim for Ice Kilometer or Ice Mile.

The IISA will produce and give stunning certificates to each swimmer for each distance swum. Swimmers can purchase the downloadable certificates at a small cost. There are also new certificates for Ice Mile that include more information and acknowledge Ice Zero Mile and Extreme Polar Mile achievements.

The Ice Mile registration process is more streamlined and much stricter on the requisite information. Swimmers can also upload medical documentation directly in their Ice Mile application. The GPS location and altitude is also now an integral part of each Ice Mile application.

The IISA Shop will offer a new range of Ice Swimwear that can be customized with country logos, club logos, and individual names.

The website include Ice Mile achievements including the Extreme Ice Mile List, Ice Zero List, Antarctica Ice SwimsArctic Ice Swims, Bi-Polar Ice SwimsIron Ice Man and Iron Ice Woman, Ice 7s, Ice Mile speed recordsDistance Ice SwimmingOldest man/woman record, and Ice Triple Crown.

There are four tiers of membership: Warm Tier for supporters, Cool Tier for swimmers between 50m and 750m, Cold Tier for Ice Kilometer swimmers, and Ice Tier for the Ice Milers.  The entire membership is posted here.

The website now has all the IISA rules and accreditation in one convenient location here. There are also new IISA Official Observer Level 1 that enables volunteers to observe Ice Mile and IISA Events. Barkai offered, “We are running short introduction course in each country starting next week.  If you are interested, contact to your country chairperson, or contact the IISA if you do not have a country representative. There is an online exam you will be required to pass. From February 1st 2022, only Accredited IISA Observers will be able to observe Ice Mile or IISA events.”

There is also IISA TV, its own YouTube Channel where the IISA accepts high-quality videos of events or interesting swims where prizes will be awarded.

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