If Dmitriy Can Dream It, He Can Help Build It

If Dmitriy Can Dream It, He Can Help Build It

Courtesy of Dragozhilov Dmitriy, Tyumen, Russia.

Dragozhilov Dmitriy is one of the organisers of the annual Tyumen Open Cup and was instrumental in the 2016 Winter World Swimming Championships in Tyumen, Russia.

An outstanding winter swimmer himself, he is helping establish a solid structure of the sport. What he has dreamed about is now coming into practical reality.

He writes, “There is no doubt we’ve changed the world – the world of swimming in cold water, even if just for a little. The 10th anniversary Winter Swimming World Championships 2016 is successfully over. Once again, we have declared worldwide: “Sport brings peace!” and showed the example of uncompromising struggle and selfless friendship of people from different corners of the Earth.

It was two years of preparation with a team of 450 people [that resulted in] 1,275 athletes from 42 countries competing for 525 medals over 4 days of competition with 3760 views online from 189 cities in 30 countries with more than 100 Russian and international media representatives.

These are just bare numbers with no personalities and characters, feelings and emotions, attitudes and plans that merged into one whirlpool of days and nights, and finally a feeling of immense happiness of the achieved goals.

Five years ago, I set a goal to change an attitude towards cold water swimming; not just as a healthy hobby, but as a new kind of professional sport. The Championships proved that that goal was achieved.

Today, the real athletes, past and present professional swimmers, world-class athletes from all continents compete in an icy pool. Winter swimming competitions are becoming a real sport-enchanting spectacle, a new ice-masters. Today, it is power and speed, beauty and grace, energy and drive. And it is not just a mass hobby, it’s a real sport which declares itself as a sport of the highest results.

I’m sure that the Championships’ energy becomes a great driver to the growth of health hardening and winter swimming popularity as the basis for preserving and strengthening the health of not only our nation, but also the entire population of the Earth

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Steven Munatones