If Open Water Swimmers Have to Train in a Pool, Try These Pools

If Open Water Swimmers Have to Train in a Pool, Try These Pools

A vast majority of open water swimmers – whether they are professional, marathon, channel, winter or ice swimming specialists – usually do a portion or a majority of their training in a pool.

The pools are typically 25 yards (in the United States) or 25 meters or 50 meters with lane lines and swimmers doing circle pattern back and forth across the pool.

But what about if the open water swimmers could do their long training swims in these pools?

  • San Alfonso del Mar Resort, Chile: located on the coast of Algarrobo, Chile, the pool measures 1,013 meters in length, covers an area of 80,000 square meters, contains 250,000 cubic meters of water, is deep (35 meters at some points), and is navigable in small boats. It pulls water directly in from the sea using a computer-controlled suction and filtration system. Italy’s Mauro Giaconia swam 101 km in 24 hours in the pool.
  • MahaSamutr Country Club & Luxury Villas, Thailand: Located in Prachuap Khiri Khan in the Hua Hin District on the Malay Peninsula, a 4-hour train ride from Bangkok, MahaSamutr is a 17-acre club with a massive lagoon as its centerpiece. The pool’s design mimics the local sandy beach. If you swam once around the perimeter of the pool, the distance would be 1,440 meters.
  • Piscine Nakache, France: Built in 1930 in Toulouse, France, the lengthwise distance of the pool is 155 meters and is located on an island in the middle of the river Garonne near the city of Toulouse. The pool is named for Alfred Nakache, the famous French Olympic swimmer and water polo player who competed in the Olympics after surviving the Holocaust.
  • Surf Ranch, California: a 701 meter wave pool in Central California designed by renowned surfer Kelly Slater.

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