If You Are Going To Swim The Island

If You Are Going To Swim The Island

If you are going to Swim The Island in Bergeggi, Italy, be prepared for an overload of scenery and challenges.

You may encounter calm tranquility on a morning without wind.

Or the course and conditions may offer a wonderfully rough stretch of water where the turbulence of the surface waters suddenly become a higher priority than the gorgeous scenes above and below the water.

Matteo Testa, race director for the Swim the Island event to Isola di Bergeggi along the coastline of Riserva Naturale Regionale, explains, “It is a challenge, but it is certainly worth it for those who prepare. We offer three races: the 1.7 km, a 3.5 km, and a longer 5.0 km swim.”

For more information, visit here. Photos courtesy of www.finalebythomas.com.

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