If You Are Heading To Tokyo For The 2020 Olympics

If You Are Heading To Tokyo For The 2020 Olympics

If You Are Heading To Tokyo For The 2020 Olympics

Courtesy of Toyota, WOWSA, Five Lakes of Mount Fuji, Japan.

I lived in Japan for over 7 years and have visited the country at least 4 times each year since the mid-1990s,” said Steven Munatones. “I love it how this megalopolis of tens of millions just seems to work with people traveling by car, commuter trains, bullet trains, subways, monorails, ferries and walking politely in a very densely packed area.

I am excited to see how the Japanese host the 2020 Summer Olympic Games from July 24th to August 9th – and the Olympic 10K Marathon Swim on August 5th (women) and 6th (men). But for visitors and spectators who have never been to Japan, Tim Urban wrote a fun, insightful, easy-to-read summary of what he experienced during his visit to Japan.

Read here in his popular Wait But Why long-form blog

While I believe Lake Yamanaka or Lake Kawaguchi would be ideal locations for the Olympic marathon swim, Odaiba Marine Park in Tokyo Bay is the choice of the IOC and FINA.

What Toyota is planning for the area around Mount Fuji is fascinating. The area has come a long way since Lynne Cox found her way to Mount Fuji on her ‘Around the World in 80 Days’ tour. Cox swam in 12 waterways around the world and in the course of her adventure became the first person to swim across the Five Lakes of Mount Fuji.

Those five famous lakes in Japan ring the majestic Mount Fuji, the largest mountain and active volcano in Japan at 3,776 meters (12,389 feet).

Cox swam across Lake Yamanaka, Lake Kawaguchi, Lake Sai, Lake Shoji, and Lake Motosu, five tranquil oases located 100 km south of Tokyo.

Steven Munatones said of the lakes, “Lake Yamanaka can be described as calmer than tranquil, quieter than serene. When you swim in any one of the five lakes [including Lake Sai, Lake Shoji, and Lake Motosu], you see the summit of Mount Fuji every time you take a breath. The beauty of the lakes and Mount Fuji is breathtaking. To add spice to the adventure, you can swim over lava tubes that shoot up colder water that penetrates the warm surface waters.

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