Ignorance Was Bliss; Wisdom Was Welcomed By Kim Dyke

Ignorance Was Bliss; Wisdom Was Welcomed By Kim Dyke

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At the 30 km Sylvan Lake World Series Marathon Swim held in Alberta, Canada in August 1992, there were 12 future Honor Swimmers in the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame competing: Diego DeganoDavid O’BrienGreg StreppelAttila MolnarChristof WandratschClaudio PlitIgor de SouzaShelley Taylor-SmithSilvia DalottoSuzie MaroneyMaria-Louisa Cabanero, and Irene van der Laan.

It was not an easy swim, but newcomer Kimberly Dyke (née Boyd) from Canada finished second to Taylor-Smith who was in the peak of her career. At the urging of her coach Ron Jacks, Dyke entered her first swim in lac Memphrémagog in Québec at the age of 19. The Greater Victoria Sports Hall of Fame – that inducted her in 1997 – described her swim as an example of “ignorance is bliss.”

Dyke took that 25 km race and transformed her career where she was named Swimming Canada’s Open Water Swimmer of the Year in 1992, 1993, 1994, and 1995.

But that 1992 Sylvan Lake World Series Marathon Swim was very difficult. Dyke’s Canadian teammate Shannon Brown said, “The race was very hard. I wasn’t very cold, but I was just glad to finish.” Taylor-Smith who had been battling bronchitis agreed, “It was a tough day as I had anticipated. The guys went out really fast and swam a great race and [had] a real fast time.”

Argentina’s Diego Degano who won the race said, “It was so cold, especially at the beginning. After five hours I was so tired, but I think David was tired too.” Fellow Hall of Famer David O’Brien of Australia concurred, “I was feeling pretty tired and I had cramps in my legs, but in marathon swimming it is one of the pains you have to go through.”

Canadian Greg Streppel who finished behind Degano and O’Brien commented on the conditions, “After Diego passed me, I was more concerned who was behind me than who was in front of me because I was in such bad shape. The cold was something I didn’t expect coming here.”

But Dyke, now a registered nurse in Victoria, hung on against an all-star field.

1992 Sylvan Lake World Series Marathon Swim Women’s Results:
1. Shelley Taylor-Smith (Australia) 6 hours 46 minutes 5 seconds
2. Kim Dyke (Canada) 7 hours 6 minutes 8 seconds
3. Rita Kovács (Hungary) 7 hours 11 minutes 6 seconds
4. Giselle Roy (Canada) 7 hours 14 minutes 6 seconds
5. Annie Grandisson (Canada) 7 hours 24 minutes 37 seconds
6. Shannon Brown (Canada) 7 hours 28 minutes 11 seconds
7. Silvia Dalotto (Argentina) 7 hours 40 minutes 23 seconds
8. Suzie Maroney (Australia) 7 hours 54 minutes 12 seconds
9. Maria-Louisa Cabanero (Spain) 7 hours 57 minutes 26 seconds
10. Irene van der Laan (Holland) 8 hours 8 minutes 41 seconds
11. Christiane Fanzeres (Brazil) 8 hours 18 minutes 41 seconds
12. Anita Sood (India) 8 hours 37 minutes 56 seconds

Boyd (née Dyke) traveled the world for years, especially active between 1992 and 1995:

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