IISA Announces New Membership Model and Strategic Developments Amidst Expansion

IISA Announces New Membership Model and Strategic Developments Amidst Expansion

The International Ice Swimming Association (IISA) has seen a significant surge in interest following the success of its 1st European Championship in Oradea, Romania. The recent strategic session in Molveno with IISA Italy highlighted the rapid growth and the accompanying challenges in resource and safety management.

The International Ice Swimming Association (IISA) is adjusting to its rapid growth and expanding responsibilities with several new financial and structural strategies. Facing costs since inception in 2009 of approximately 265,000 EUR , which covers website maintenance, marketing, legal fees, and travel—without accounting for salaries or personal compensation—the IISA’s income primarily comes from Ice Mile fees, education programs, and event fees, totaling around 76,000 EUR . People worldwide volunteer their time and skills for free, including the IISA Board, Chair, and all Country chapter Boards and event volunteers.

IISA is introducing a new membership model called “IISA Global Membership.” Starting from July 1, 2024, this membership will require an annual fee of 21 EUR from participants who wish to engage actively in IISA events or pursue Ice Mile challenges. The fee ensures members maintain access to their records and participate in events while supporting the administrative and operational costs of the association.

Significant developments include the implementation of an application process for Ice Mile attempts to standardize safety and adherence to rules. The association’s commitment to expansion and professionalism is evident as it works towards potential inclusion in the Winter Olympic Games, in collaboration with World Aquatics.

The IISA remains committed to fostering a vibrant community of ice swimmers and volunteers globally, continually enhancing safety protocols and event management through ongoing training and accreditation.

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