Ilya Kharum Wins National Open Water Title #2 in the 7.5K

Ilya Kharum Wins National Open Water Title #2 in the 7.5K

Over the last two decades, there have been many great open water races in Fort Myers Beach, Florida. This past weekend was no exception at the USA Swimming Open Water National and Junior Championships between April 1st – 3rd.

On Day Three of the three-day championship event, it was time for the next generation of elite swimmers to be featured.

Teammates from the Sandpipers of Nevada dominated the podium in the 7.5 km junior race: titles went to Katie Grimes and Ilya Kharun. Grimes won by nearly 3 minutes; Kharum won by over 2 minutes for his second national title.

Kharun, who previously won the 5 km junior national championship in 2021 and will matriculate to Arizona State University in 2023, told USA Swimming, “It was amazing. The race felt good and the water felt good – everything kind of went the way I was planning to. It was really fun racing those guys.”

Boy’s 7.5 km National Championship Results:

  1. Ilya Kharun, Sandpipers of Nevada, 1:34:18
  2. Luke Ellis, Sandpipers of Nevada, 1:36:21
  3. Alexander Ayers, SwimMAC Carolina, 1:36:21
  4. Weslee Gettys, Texas Gold, 1:36:27
  5. Luke Whitlock, Fishers Area Swim, 1:36:30
  6. Robert Dinunzio, Tide Swimming, 1:37:29
  7. Dillon Wright, Sandpipers of Nevada, 1:38:18
  8. Ryan Turner, Highlander Aquatic Club, 1:38:21
  9. Charles Schreiner, Egg Harbor Twp Seahawks, 1:38:30
  10. Max Gerke, Iowa Flyers Swim Club, 1:38:48
  11. Rylan Anselm, Barrington Swim Club, 1:38:55
  12. Lucas Bucaro, Barrington Swim Club, 1:39:11
  13. Knut Robinson, Kamehameha Swim Club, 1:39:14
  14. Toby Schwenk, Sarasota Tsunami Swim Team, 1:39:22
  15. Zach Vasser, Egg Harbor Twp Seahawks, 1:40:23
  16. Matthew Marsteiner, New Wave Swim Team, 1:42:04
  17. Evan Keogh, Sarasota Tsunami Swim Team, 1:42:12
  18. Brody Schrepfer, Unattached, 1:42:16
  19. Jackson Scheiber, New Wave Swim Team, 1:42:37
  20. Luke Brennan, Peddie Aquatic Association, 1:42:40
  21. Justin Nowicki, Victor Swim Club, 1:42:43
  22. Kevin Cunneen, Csp Tideriders, 1:43:29
  23. Riley Clinton, Sandpipers of Nevada, 1:44:26
  24. Jackson Mueller, Nova of Virginia, 1:45:03
  25. Matthew Merke, Annapolis Swim Club, 1:46:03
  26. Charlie Mayr, Nova of Virginia, 1:46:36
  27. Tyler Houpt, Mason Manta Rays, 1:49:15
  28. Dylan Dewitt, Egg Harbor Twp Seahawks, 1:49:21
  29. Caleb Manning, Dayton Raiders, 1:51:03
  30. Connor Schaffel, Iowa Flyers Swim Club, 1:52:58

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