Imagine If Michael Rubinstein Was An Open Water Swimmer

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Michael Rubinstein is a Research Scientist at Google working on computer vision.

Imagine if he was an open water swimmer and interested in expanding the scope of his work to understand, record and analyze the imperceptiable motions and changes in the bodies of open water swimmers?

Rubinstein created a new type of device, a motion microscope that uses video cameras and image processing to visualize the tiniest changes in the human body, from skin color changes due to heart beats to skin movement due to breathing.

The invisible world of the open water swimmer – as they become hypothermic or hyperthermic, as they become sore or fatigued – would become visible to us and help us understand how we can realize a greater percentage of our true potential.

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Steven Munatones