Importance Of Camera Angles & Sunlight In The 10K

Importance Of Camera Angles & Sunlight In The 10K

Courtesy of WOWSA, Bicayne Bay, Florida.

At the USA Swimming National Open Water Swimming Championships, Chris Lundie of Take It Live Productions is delivering the live webcast of the 5 km and 10 km races.

As the spectators are treated to a live feed both at the venue and on their smartphones and laptops around the world, the impact of the camera angles and sunlight is important to the images that we see,” commented Steven Munatones.

Everyone has their own opinions, but I really like the contrast and interplay between close-up shots and longer views [see below] so fans can understand where the swimmers are on the course and relative to each other [see an aerial view of the swimmers as they pass by the feeding station].

I personally like the aerial views captured by the drone operators. These views are so much more dramatic and beautiful than the on-the-water shots from the official’s boat.

In the off-the-boat views, the water can appear darker and much less inviting than the aerial shots where the water is a more realistic tropical green color with different hues< - but a combination of all these angles are critical to understand how these athletes are swimming and competing against one each other over a 10 km course.

Add underwater cameras to the mix – at certain points along the course like the areas where there are most clear water or around coral reefs or near feeding stations – together with experienced announcers providing live commentary – and the sport takes on an entirely new level of perspective and provides enhanced entertainment and course understanding for the viewers

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Steven Munatones