Imre Szénási, A Hero With Eyes Open And Goggles On

Courtesy of British Pathé.

Imre Szénási did a number of cross-border marathon swims from the ages of 26 to 40.

The Honor Swimmer in the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame was from Hungary who often swam with goggles, but perched on his forehead and not over his eyes.

He completed six 24-hour swims over the course of his career:

* In 1959, he completed a 130 km (88.7-mile) river swim from Medveďov, Slovakia to Budapest, Hungary in 19 hours 45 minutes.
* In 1961, he completed a 76 km (47.2-mile) lake swim from Balatonkenese to Keszthely in Lake Balaton, Hungary in 36 hours 29 minutes.
* In 1964, he completed a 77 km (47.8-mile) swim down the Danube from Budapest to Dunaújváros in Hungary in 13 hours 55 minutes.
* In 1966, he completed a 219 km (136-mile) swim down the River Tisza from Tiszasüly to Szeged in Romania and Hungary in 44 hours 50 minutes.
* In 1967, he completed a 241 km (149.7-mile) river swim from Bratislava, Slovakia to Budapest, Hungary in 41 hours 40 minutes.
* In 1972, he completed a 240 km (149.1-mile) river swim from Kisköre to Szeged, Hungary in 45 hours 57 minutes.
* In 1973, he completed a 250 km (155.3-mile) river swim from Vienna, Austria to Budapest, Hungary in 50 hours.

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