In Memory Of Legacies In The Open Water

In Memory Of Legacies In The Open Water

Memorial swims are swimming events or races that serve as a focus for memory of something or someone, usually someone who is deceased. Memorial swims include events that celebrate the legacy of a race founder, commemorate a spectacular achievement, call attention to a local individual or young person who died tragically in the water, or raise awareness of a personable or inspirational athlete, coach or administrator.

Most memorial swims incorporate the name of the individual in the event title. Sometimes, funds are raised to support a preferred charity of the individual. is the gravestone or the memorial plaque.

Don Burns (shown on left) is an example of one of the exemplary individuals. Burns taught and coached at Newport Harbor High School in Newport Beach, California for 31 years in addition to being a lifeguard at the beach for 47 years.

Personable with a permanent smile on his face, Burns died from a heart arrhythmia, but his legacy lives on with the Don Burns Mile, annually conducted in Newport Beach. Other memorial swims around the world include the following:

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