In The Spirit Of Dave's Day At Fletcher Cove

In The Spirit Of Dave’s Day At Fletcher Cove

Fletcher Cove near San Diego, California will be the fourth annual commemoration of the life and legacy of Dr. Dave Martin on Sunday, April 22nd at 12 noon.

On the fourth anniversary of the shark attack that took his life, Dave’s Day celebrates what Dr. Martin loved very much: swimming and enjoying the ocean. Laurene Booth, a triathlete who was swimming with Dr. Martin when he died due to a shark attack, organizes the annual Dave Martin Memorial Swim.

We will celebrate his life and all that we love about the water. Get your workout in early and come cool the legs and unwind with us afterward. All abilities are welcome – slow or fast – it doesn’t matter. This is not a race. There will be various options for distance. Toes in the water at 12:30.”

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