Ingemar Macarine Continues His Channel Challenges

Ingemar Macarine Continues His Channel Challenges

Courtesy of Ingemar Macarine, Alona Tropical Beach Resort, Panglao, Philippines.

Ingemar Macarine completed another successful unprecedented crossing in the Bohol Seas by swimming 17.8 km in 6 hours 43 minutes from Pamilacan Island in the Municipality of Baclayon to Barangay Bolod in the Municipality of Panglao, Bohol.

It was a tough swim because of the 10 knot wind coming from the east and having to deal with a strong current two hours into the swim. And [dealing with] a painful right shoulder,” said Macarine whose goal was to promote tourism on Panglao and for cleaner seas.

Thank you so much Mayor Madamme Montero for providing two escort boats, food and accommodation for my crew and me. Thank you also to IBP Bohol President Atty. Wræn Ÿåp and Dagohoy Lodge Freemason Lodge No. 84 Worshippers Master LordCocoot Relampagos Marapao V for their support.

Special thanks to Panglao Bantay Dagat, Panglao Department of Health, Panglao PDDRMO, Helen Castano & Hubby, Roel Catoto, Seju Leo Udtohan, Dann Diez for assisting and witnessing my swim

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