Innovation, Great Job USA Swimming

Innovation, Great Job USA Swimming

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

The use of drones to cover open water swims have been recently and widely used in the sport. Viewed from above, the aerial views of the flying cameras offers very different perspectives that are beautiful and much appreciated by the livecast viewing audiences.

In the choppy waters off Fort Myers Beach in Florida today, USA Swimming occasionally split the online viewing of the 5 km races into quadrant screens.

Simultaneously offering four quadrant views of the race is a great innovation in the livecast of open water swimming event. This new evolution of the sport really gives fans, friends, family and coaches a wonderful overall perspective of the race,” said Steven Munatones. “Watching four different views at the same time gives so much information and depth of understanding of the overall event. I wish other swims – especially at the Olympic 10K Marathon Swim in Tokyo Bay at the Tokyo Olympics – will offer this in the future. Congratulations to Don Henshaw of the Gold Coast Swim Team and his team in Fort Myers and their USA Swimming colleagues (including Championship Referee Mike Murphy, Safety Director Mike Hammond, National Events Manager Kelly Naze, USA Swimming Open Water Director Bryce Elser, and USA Swimming Open Water Coordinator Kaitlin Pawlowicz) for this new addition to the sport.”

Quadrant livestream view of the 5 km USA Swimming National Open Water Swimming Championships
Traditional aerial coverage of the USA Swimming National Open Water Swimming Championship via drones

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