International Ice Swimming Association Swims In America

International Ice Swimming Association Swims In America

JC Malick and Lelané Rossouw-Bancroft of Newark, Delaware joined the South African, Czech and Irish colleagues in formally completing a one-mile ice swim in Avalon, New Jersey.

We jumped off the dock 11:15 and swam two half-mile loops to swim the mile in 38°F (3.3°C) degree water with air temperature at 25°F (3.8°C) and a wind chill of 13°F (-10.5°C). Lelané finished the swim in 35:51. I finished in 42:21. Our support crew included three kayakers, several hands on the deck and dock to help us out of the water, a 25-foot US Coast Guard Response Vessel with four crew – one raring to go in with fins and a wetsuit – local and state police, and Avalon Emergency Medical Technicians.

The recovery was the hardest part. Neither of us recollect much of the process. Several individuals came to our side to help us through the rewarming stage as both of our core temperatures dropped to 88°F (31°C). After about an hour, we were fully recovered.

Lelane and I compared the feeling to blacking out

One month after attempting another ice swim when she had to stop shy of finishing, Lelané completed her swim this time, a swim dedicated to Nate Meehan, a five-year-old autistic boy to whom the swim was dedicated. “We are hoping to get a service dog this year to help keep him protected much like our support crews do in the open water. Donations can be made to Autism Service Dogs of America and reference Nate Meehan.”

On the other side of America, Karen Rogers and Cathy Delneo concurrently set out on an International Ice Swimming Association swim. The water temperature was sub-39°F (3.8°C) with whitecaps. Karen completed the swim in 35 minutes and Cathy in just over 40 minutes.

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