International Masters Open Water Swim In Japan

International Masters Open Water Swim In Japan

The 2nd International Masters Open Water Swim sponsored by the Japan International Open Water Swimming Association will be held September 9th at a beautiful Izu National Park close to Mount Fuji and south of Tokyo.

With several idyllic islands off in the distance, the 1.6 km relay and the 400m, 800m and 3 km swims are held in a calm, protective cove in Yumigahama Beach, Shizuoka in Japan. About two hours south of Tokyo by train, the swim is for both casual and competitive masters swimmers.

Olympian and world champion Glen Christiansen flew from Germany to Japan last year to participate. “The weather in Shizuoka in September is warm and slightly humid. The air temperature was 28°C by mid-day with the water temperature a comfortable 25 – 26°C. A slight breeze helped cool the warm temperatures, although an unexpected squall temporarily delayed the start of the event last year. Upon passing, the clouds dissipated and the sun broke out in glorious fashion. It was fantastic!”

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