International Survey On Open Water Swimming Injuries

International Survey On Open Water Swimming Injuries

Courtesy of @Dionne Tatlow, University of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Dionne Tatlow is investigating musculoskeletal injuries in open water swimmers.

She explains, “Participation in this study involves the completion of an online survey (see here) asking about various demographic information, training parameters, and personal history of swimming-related injuries. The survey is expected to take 25-30 minutes.

To participate in this study:
1. you must be at least 18 years old
2. you must be able to read and understand English
3. you must currently self-identify as an open water swimmer and regularly train or participate in an open water setting when it is available to you
4. you must not be a professional open water swimmer
5. you must not compete in the FINA international open water swimming circuit

The information gathered will provide information with regards to injury prevalence and possible associated risk factors. This information will be used for my Master’s thesis at the University of Regina and will be distributed to both academic journals and mainstream publications (i.e., swimming magazine, social media). No identifying information regarding the study participants will be included in any of the distribution materials.

I hope to recruit a large number of open water swimmers from a wide geographic dispersion to complete the survey and your participation will be greatly appreciated. Participation is voluntary. If you are interested in participating in the study, please use the link below to access the survey. You may also email me ( or call me (+1-306-425-2992) for more information.”

To begin, start here.

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