International Swim Across La Perouse Channel To Start

International Swim Across La Perouse Channel To Start

Courtesy of Aleksandr Brylin, Sakhalin, Russia – Hokkaido, Japan

Speedo diplomacy will be utilized once again by an international team of swimmers.

Pioneering swimmers from Russia, Japan, China and South Africa will attempt an unprecedented 42.8 km relay from Sakhalin, Russia to Hokkaido, Japan called the International Swim across La Perouse Channel this week.

Our motto is ‘Towards the Sun and Friendship: from birch to sakura’,” explains organizer Aleksandr Brylin.  “Between Sakhalin to Hokkaido, the side currents could be up to 8 km per hour for the 25 swimmers who will face water temperature is between 8 – 10°C (46-50°F).  We will start the swim on July 18th on Russia’s Cape Krillion and it is scheduled to end on July 21st on Japan’s Cape Soya.

The host of the swim is the Interregional Association of Russian Cold Swimming with the RF MFA support, the government and regional Duma of Sakhalin island, the Ministry of Economic Development and Sport of Sakhalin Island, Association of Polar Explorers, the Rotary Clubs of Yuzhno – Sakhalinsk, Korsakov, and Blagoveschensk, the travel bureau Bi-Tomo, the open water swimming organization Ocean Navi, World Open Water Swimming Association, and the International Ice Swimming Association.”

The International Swim across La Perouse Channel is across La Pérouse Strait or the Sōya Strait, a strait dividing the southern part of the Russian island of Sakhalin from the northern part of the Japanese island of Hokkaidō that connects the Sea of Japan on the west with the Sea of Okhotsk on the east. La Pérouse Strait is named after Jean-François de Galaup, comte de Lapérouse, who explored it in 1787. International Swim across La Perouse Channel Participants: Copyright © 2008 – 2019 by World Open Water Swimming Association
Steven Munatones