Invitation To Help The Coral Gardeners

Invitation To Help The Coral Gardeners

Invitation To Help The Coral Gardeners

Courtesy of Moorea Coral Gardeners Association, Moorea, French Polynesia.

3 years ago, the Coral Gardeners Association were established by Titouan Bernicot and his teenage friends.

They recall, “Enjoying our time in the ocean is a skill and a passion. When we witnessed our first bleaching event, we learnt about corals and discovered how essential they are for our oceans. We decided to act so we create Coral Gardeners and every single day since we are working on saving the reefs, one coral at a time.”

They want to create a program so everyone in the world can become a Coral Gardeners and help, no matter where people are from and their job experience.

Bernicot says, “We can’t share all the details, but be sure that our program is ambitious, and the people selected will be a driving force helping us make it a success.

If you want to apply, complete this form and we may invite you to an exclusive interviews. There is no need to be a marine or coral scientist, or to have a particular job experience, or to have finished school

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