Invitation To Swim The King Distance, Kattegat Svømning

Invitation To Swim The King Distance, Kattegat Svømning

Courtesy of Dennis Seiler-Holm, Denmark.

Dennis Seiler-Holm, a Danish Guinness World Record holder, extends a special invitation to swimmers from around the globe to attempt the Swim Kattegat 2021 or ‘The King Distance of Swimming’. “The King Distance was first swum in 1938. The start of the swim is Gniben on Sealand and the finish is in Jutland. The new organization Swim Kattegat is planning a new marathon swim in Denmark. The opening of the countries after Covid-19 gives us a unique opportunity to invite swimmers to the Danish Kattegat Swim. There is a bunch of records to beat – and swimmers can become part of the swim history in Denmark.

There is no money required upfront – it is only necessary when we meet on the boat. The price is for the boat, captain, observer, registration and feeder for the 2021 season is DKK 16,000 (or €2,150 or £1,850 or US$2,620). We can only offer this unique offer in 2021. In 2022, the organization will only offer to observe and authenticate people who swim across the Kattegat Channel. The offer is only because we have an extraordinary opportunity with the captain this year.

There is also an opportunity to create a Historical Memorial Stone at the swim start. Prices to create your own memorial stone for DKK 20,000 (or €2,700 or £2,315).

The swim is a 37 km across the Island of Zealand where the Danish capital Copenhagen is located and the mainland of Jutland is connected to Germany. The channel swim has been called ‘The King Distance of Swimming’. However, only five swimmers have completed the Kattegat Swim from 1937 to the 1950’s. It has been over 61 years since the last swim has taken place according to Channel Swimming Association rules.

Because the growth of open water swimming in Denmark, other swimmers over the last decade have completed the crossing in 13 – 14 hours. But these swims were completed with wetsuits and some rested on the escort boats – and there have been no relays.

The expected water temperature is around 18°C. The currents can be challenging and swimmers should be prepared to experience swimming at night. In Northern Kattegat, orcas and seals occasionally are present. Swimmers can stay in Copenhagen or Elsinore which is five minutes to Shakespeare’s Hamlet Castle.

The Swim Kattegat Organisation will manage crossings according to the Channel Swimming Association rules:
*To promote interest in Kattegat Swimming
*To observe and authenticate persons who cross the Kattegat Channel
*To gather and preserve historical Kattegat Swimming data.
*To advise and furnish information to those intending to make the swim.
*To promote the safety and welfare of the swimmer.

After a swim is ratified, it is possible from the local stone masons to create your memorial stone placed on
the shore near the swim start.

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