Ion Lazarenco's Experiences And Enthusiasm

Ion Lazarenco’s Experiences And Enthusiasm

Ion Lazarenco, a 35-year-old Moldavian-Irish citizen, revealed that his shoulder was very tender after his 23 km swim attempt from Bray to Wicklow in 2013.

I took it easy for a while, but since I’m back in Ireland in middle of July, I’ve been swimming nearly every day getting ready to swim for a fund-raising event for the local psychiatric clinic Lincara Centre.

Lazarenco trained along a mile-long stretch in Bray before he set off in a swim from Bray to Wicklow.

Piloted by local fisherman Austin Poynton, he swam well for the first 3 hours, but inexplicably he swam toward the Wicklow Mountain Head not to the Wicklow Harbour. The mistake took him way offshore where he had to swim through 2-3 foot waves.

It slowed me down a bit, but I kept on going, apart from the jellyfish stinging me nearly everywhere. My wife Angela got very seasick due to the rocking boat.”

The conditions worsened as time dragged on. As the tide turned, he was driven back from his goal. 22 km and 6 hours 3 minutes from the start, his struggle culminated in the last hour when his advancement slowed to a mere 300 meters. “That’s when I decided to call it off, but I am very happy with the swim. I would like to thank my pilot and the crew, It was a great experience and I couldn’t have done it without them. At that stage, I swam over 22 km by my Garmin Forerunner and 23.8 km by the boat GPS.”

His enthusiasm peaked rather than diminished. “I am planning on the Great Wicklow Swim in September with 60 other swimmers, from Bray to Greystones.”

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