IPC Swimming World Championships

IPC Swimming World Championships

Natalie du Toit won one of the open water swim classes at the 2010 International Paralympic Committee Swimming World Championships at E3 Beach i Eersel, the Netherlands.

32 athletes and 650 supporters watched the athletes compete in the 5K course.

In the men’s classes S1 through S10 M/W, Australian Hall Brenden (S9) captured gold over Portugal’s Emanuel Goncalves (S10) and American Joe Wisse (S10).

Natalie (S9) not only beat silver medalist Elodie Lorandie from France (S10) and Croatia’s Sanja Milojevic (S9), but also all of the men in classes S1 through S10.

Men’s results:
1. Brenden Hall (AUS) S9, 1:01:13.14
2. Emanuel Goncalves (POR) S10, 1:01:16.85
3. Joe Wise (USA) S10, 1:02:34.58
4. David Grachat (POR) S9, 1:04:06.34
5. Kasper Zysek (DEN) S9, 1:04:06.57
6. Sven Decaesstecker (BEL) S10, 1:04:11.55
7. Marcelo Collet (BRA) S10 and Chistoph Burkard (GER) S8, both 1:05:03.87
9. Cody Bureau (USA) S9, 1:06:43.75
10. Eduard Samarin (RUS) S9, 1:07:32.90
11. Wim De Paepe (BEL) S9, 1:09:00.44
12. Jose Antonio Mari Alcaraz (ESP) S9, 1:10:02.50
13. Simon Boer (NED) S9, 1:11:52.24
14. Boris Malasevic (SRB) S10, 1:14:56.99
15. Cristiaan Du Plessis (RSA) S8, 1:15:01.07
16. Mikkel Asmussen (DEN) S8, 1:15:01.48
17. Gianluca Cacciamano (ITA) S10, 1:18:08.16

Women’s results
1. Natalie Du Toit (RSA) S9, 1:00:22.00
2. Elodie Lorandi (FRA) S10, 1:06:48.05
3. Sanja Milojevic (CRO) S9, 1:07:33.25
4. Elizabeth Stone (USA) S9, 1:09:45.84
5. Ashley Owens (USA) S10, 1:10:34.85
6. Sussan Beth Scott (USA) S10, 1:13:09.38
7. Adela Kolinska (CZE) S9, 1:25:41.38
8. Gina Lourens (IRL) S8, 1:32:12.73

In the men’s classes S11 through S13, Russia’s Sergey Punko (S12) won over Spain’s Enrique Floriano (S12) and Germany’s Robert Doerries (S13). Teigan van Roosmalen (S13) from Australia won the women’s race.

Men’s results:
1. Sergey Punko (RUS) S12, 59:58.19
2. Enrique Floriano (ESP) S12, 1:00:55.75
3. Robert Doerries (GER) S13, 1:06:44.62

Women’s results:
1. Teigan Van Roosmalen (AUS) S13, 1:17:35.51

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