Is She The Greatest?

Is She The Greatest?

Photos by Giorgio Perottino for Deepbluemedia. Article courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Ana Marcela Cunha not only defended her 25 km world title, but she collected her seventh career world championship medal with her 5 hour 13 minute victory in today’s 25 km race.

She has demonstrated her prowess in short sprints of 5 km, her teamwork in the team event, and her stamina in the 25 km marathon swim. She is flat-out a competitor, a racer who always positions herself for victory.

15 years ago, Angela Maurer won her first world championship medal off the shores of Waikiki (Hawaii). Over the last decade and a half, the 40-year-old has consistently medaled in flat rowing basins, warm bays, and rough seas against the world’s fastest marathon swimmers.

25 km marathon swim results:
1 Ana Marcela Cunha (BRA) 5:13:47.3
2 Anna Olasz (HUN) 5:14:13.4
3 Angela Maurer (GER) 5:15:07.6
4 Aurélie Muller (FRA) 5:16:07.5
5 Finnia Wunram (GER) 5:19:02.5
6 Margarita Dominguez (ESP) 5:19:39.4
7 Alice Franco (ITA) 5:19:50.5
8 Emily Brunemann (USA) 5:19:51.2
9 Ashley Twichell (USA) 5:20:20.8
10 Ilaria Raimondi (ITA) 5:21:05.2
11 Olga Kozydub (RUS) 5:22:46.1
12 Jessica Walker (AUS) 5:23:33.0
13 Chelsea Gubecka (AUS) 5:28:49.2
14 Nikoletta Kiss (HUN) 5:30:36.4
15 Lenka Sterbova (CZE) 5:36:09.9
16 Dandan Yang (CHN) 5:42:19.5
17 Shiyue Cao (CHN) 6:02:49.7
DNF Silvie Rybárová (CZE)
DNF Betina Broscheitter (BRA)
DNF Julia Lucila Arino (ARG)
DNF Xeniya Romanchuk (KAZ)

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