Is The 800m Showdown In The Pool: A Precursor To The Olympic 10K?

Is The 800m Showdown In The Pool: A Precursor To The Olympic 10K?

There are four open water swimmers who qualified for the 800m freestyle final at the Tokyo Olympic Games on the evening of July 28th morning who represent half of the field:

23-year-old Florian Wellbrock of Germany qualified second in 7:41.77 in a new national record, just behind the top qualifier Mykhailo Romanchuk of the Ukraine in 7:41.28 which is the new Olympic record.  

21-year-old Robert Finke of the USA qualified third in 7:42.72 setting a new national record.

26-year-old Jack Alan McLoughlin of Australia qualified sixth in 7:46.94, but his lifetime best of 7:42.51 makes him another gold medal threat.

26-year-old Gregorio Paltrinieri of Italy just squeezed into the final and eighth position with a 7:47.73, but his lifetime best of 7:39.27 makes him another gold medal favorite.

Two other open water swimmers including American Michael Brinegar (17th in 7:53.00) and France’s David Aubry (29th in 8:00.16, 18 seconds off his best time of 7:42.08) swam, but did not qualify for the finals.

Wellbrock, Paltrinieri and Aubry are also entered in the 1500m to be two days from now as well as the 10 km marathon swim to be held seven days from now.  This means that potentially Wellbrock and Paltrinieri will have raced a total of 5 races or 14,600 meters in potentially 2 hours 25 minutes during the Tokyo Olympics.

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

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