Is The Third Time A Charm?  Sunluver With Chloë McCardel

Is The Third Time A Charm? Sunluver With Chloë McCardel

Captain Bob and his son Captain Mitch Olin are back at it again.

With their Sunluver catamaran, they will be responsible for the daunting task of escorting, navigating, protecting, and supporting their fourth athlete across the Straits of Florida from Havana, Cuba to Key West, Florida in the United States.

Captain Bob and Captain Mitch were the escorts for Diana Nyad (2011) and Penny Palfrey (2012) and are now back with Chloë McCardel in her attempt sometime between June 10th and 20th.

There are two distinct advantages of using the Sunluver: the boat itself and its captains.

The Sunluver is a very comfortable, stable, and exceedingly well-appointed catamaran built in 2006. Besides the roomy interior that will help make the ambiance as comfortable as possible for the escort crew that will need to be alert for 30-60 hours straight, Captain Bob and Captain Mitch have the navigational experience to predict and manage the vagaries of the Straits of Florida.

Besides Nyad and Palfrey, they have also escorted Miami lifeguard Cynthia Aguilar for over 29 hours in her successful solo prone paddle from Cuba to Florida. These previous escorts will prove invaluable in assisting McCardel safely on her charity swim across the Straits of Florida.

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