"Isn't She Lovely?" Britta Kamrau's Baby Girl Lucía

“Isn’t She Lovely?” Britta Kamrau’s Baby Girl Lucía

Britta Kamrau‘s baby girl makes you think of a song by Stevie Wonder.

Isn’t she lovely?

And she is Britta’s pride and joy. This picture speaks volumes of a mother’s love and fulfillment.

Momma Britta’s joy is evident, “This is a picture of my baby girl and me. Her name is Lucía, born June 11th which means she is exactly 8 weeks today. She is a very cute and perfect little baby and makes us just so happy every day!

She is not complicated at all, she’s a very happy girl. It is just amazing to see how she grows and learns with every day and how overwhelming our feelings for her are. It definitely is the greatest thing in life to be a parent

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Steven Munatones