Issataya Bredell, Inspirational Paddler Helping Others

Issataya Bredell, Inspirational Paddler Helping Others

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

When Brenton Williams does another butterfly swim, it is newsworthy.

But at his side during training swims is a young selfless paddler, Issataya Bredell. She patiently watches over him and looks ahead in the 14ºC waters of Marina Martinique.

Bredell is typical of a South African paddlers and crew members.

Around Robben Island with its cold water, currents and marine wildlife, crew members are always there between Robben Island and Cape Town.

The volunteer support crew members are in Jeffreys Bay, situated on the South African southern coast with its waves and cold fronts that batter its coastline. The crew takes on the challenge of paddling in sub-15ºC water during winter in the nearby Marina Martinique.

Williams describes their dedication with Bredell in mind. “They are not doing it by themselves. The future generation of cold water swimmers are involved and committed. They paddle to support their mentors. Issayata is one of these youngsters. Every time the established crew of Jeffreys Bay open water swimmers enter the cold waters of Marina Martinique, Issayata is there, knowing that one day she will be in the water challenging the cold.”

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