Ishin Denshin Between Bonnie Stoll And Diana Nyad

Ishin Denshin Between Bonnie Stoll And Diana Nyad

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Ishin denshin (以心伝心), the Japanese concept of mutual understanding and communication, is playing itself out during Diana Nyad’s 103-mile attempt to swim from Cuba to Florida.

Her business partner at Brava Body and her chief handler Bonnie Stoll have forged an ideal relationship between themselves. Stoll, formerly a world-class racquetball player, understands Nyad’s need and desire to prove her athleticism by observing, listening and talking.

Bonnie is her close friend who is always completely open and honest with Nyad. She can talk to Nyad and gently prod her along … and she can speak firmly as necessary as she encourages her along despite the inevitable challenges of the swim.

Photo of Bonnie Stoll and Diana Nyad by Christi Barli.

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