iSwim With The iPhone And Swim Workouts To Go

iSwim With The iPhone And Swim Workouts To Go

Swim Workouts To Go is a convenient app produced by two accomplished athletes and dedicated coaches.

Cambridge Masters Swim Club Head Coach Abe Rogers, and Harvard University Women’s Swimming Head Coach Stephanie Morawski, both USA Olympic Trials competitors, produce all kinds of pool workouts for swimmers on the go or swimmers without access to structured workouts.

With over a collective 35 years of coaching elite, collegiate and adult triathletes, pool swimmers and open water swimmers, Swim Workouts To Go also links to the United States Masters Swimming page to provide a quick look at what pools are available in the area if you are traveling.

Swim Workouts To Go app posts new workouts to its site daily and offers both freestyle and stroke practices. Written instructions are included and flexibility is encouraged. “Swimmers are free to swim freestyle during designated stroke sets if that better suits their training needs. Where the workouts say between 1-4 rounds, this is the logical place where swimmers with less endurance or less time to spend in the water can limit the practice.”

Depending on the swimmer’s ability, the workouts should take between 75-90 minutes. Most workouts average 4000-5000 yards and are geared toward the American short-course yards pool (22.86 meters).

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