It Could Be As Early As Sunday Or Monday

It Could Be As Early As Sunday Or Monday

After months of negotiations and hard training,

It Could Be As Early As Sunday Or Monday

Courtesy of WOWSA, Havana, Cuba.

Diana Nyad may push off from the northern Cuban coast this coming Sunday or Monday to take advantage of the tidal conditions on her 103-mile (165K) solo swim to Florida.

Estimating it will take up to 60 hours for the 60-year-old dynamo, Nyad is using a specially designed swimsuit by famed designer Robin Piccone>. Fashion is one thing, but designing a swimsuit for functionality and comfort in warm, salt water for 60 hours is quite a goal to achieve.

But Robin may have revolutionized the open water swimming world with her solutions for Diana. Only one of her innovations is the little pouch sewn into the inside lining, right at the solar plexus, that can hold a pouch of liquid called a ThermoPad.

The idea is that when I start to get cold, my handlers will hand me this ThermoPad from the boat and I’ll reach inside the suit and glide it into the suit lining pouch. After many failed attempts with battery-operated systems in the bathing cap, the idea is to raise the body core temperature by heating the Solar Plexus,” explained Nyad.

Bon voyage.

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