It Is A Bugger When Races Are Cancelled

It Is A Bugger When Races Are Cancelled

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

It is always tough for race directors to cancel an event, especially when they have been planning year-round.

All the effort and expectations, all the people and passion, are put aside, usually due to safety considerations. Expenses are incurred and hopes are dashed. But the best race directors know that tough calls need to be made and safety of all participants are their top priority.

Unfortunately, Eddie Spearing and Jamie Norman of The Ruby Island Swim had to make that call when they cancelled this year’s Big Ruby 3.8 km, The Ruby 2.5 km, The Jetty 1.2 km, The Deep 600m, and the Little Gems 200m races.

The Ruby series of swims that is about enjoying everything the water and surroundings, above and below the line, has to offer,” write the pair. “The Ruby is cancelled based on projected weather forecast and with the assistance of our local water authorities. Our water safety team have a thorough understanding and are very experienced of lake conditions. We are unable to keep swimmers safe on the back side of the island during the period of our longest races around the island. The location of this event makes it more exposed with the wind direction of the current weather pattern.”

With recorded gusts of 20 knots and increasing, the organizers came to this decision. “This decision was not taken easily. It means the work and preparation over the past 10 months to bring this event to fulfilment has come to naught. We are hugely disappointed.”

But there is always next year: January 16th – 17th 2016.

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