It Is Getting Cold Down Under

It Is Getting Cold Down Under

59-year-old Aussie Stephen Mamouney not only completed a high-altitude swim at 1113 meters on June 20th, but it was also an Ice Mile that he finished in 35 minutes 55 minutes.

Mamourey completed the Ice Mile in Lake Crackenback in New South Wales, Australia in 3.47°C water, observed by Phil Clements and witnessed by Alicia Anderson. His swim was the 679th Ice Mile in history, a remarkable growth of ice swimming around the world since Ram Barkai did the first Ice Mile in Lake Zurich, Switzerland in January 2009.

The most recent 10 Ice Milers include:

  • May 5th: 58-year-old Lynton Mortensen in 33:56 in Svalbard, Norway in -0.77°C water, -15.90°C air
  • May 4th: 28-year-old Elina Mäkinen in 31:47 in Svalbard, Norway in -0.77°C water, -15.90°C air
  • May 4th: 43-year-old Craig Lenning in 31:45 in Svalbard, Norway in -0.77°C water, -16.20°C air
  • April 3rd: 33-year-old Krzysztof Kubiak in 1:23:18 (2.92 miles) in Poland in -3.87°C water, -1.20°C air
  • March 22nd: 31-year-old Rebecca Harvey in 47:31 in Loch Insh, Scotland in 4.83°C water, 10.30°C air
  • March 22nd: 46-year-old Rostislav Vítek in 24:25 in Slavkov, Czech Republic in 4.10°C water, 1.79°C air
  • On March 20th: 34-year-old Kaetlyn Taylor in 52:51 in Wisconsin, USA in 4.41°C water, 7.70°C air
  • March 15th: 19-year-old Martin Klucka in 40:10 in Brno, Czech Republic in 4.10°C water, 15.0°C air
  • March 12th: 48-year-old Robert Vasiliu in 36:24 in Bucharest, Romania in 4.13°C water, 4.00°C air
  • March 6th: 53-year-old Antje Mexner in 28:27 in Obertraun, Austria in 4.63°C water, -5.00°C air
  • March 4th: 36-year-old Chun Kong Mak in 36:59 in Czech Republic in 4.10°C water, 3.00°C air

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