It Is Never A Fair Fight

It Is Never A Fair Fight

While shark attacks rose in 2010, humans are estimated to kill 30 to 70 million sharks per year. Last year, there were 79 reported unprovoked shark attacks on humans – the highest number in a decade when 6 people died, greater than the average of 4.3 deaths over the past 10 years, reported scientists from the University of Florida.

Thirty-two attacks occurred in North American (13 in the state of Florida alone), 14 in Australia, 8 in South Africa, 6 in Vietnam and 6 in Egypt. Part of the reason for the increase in attacks over the past century is quite simple: humans spend more time in the water.

But the statistics must be looked at carefully. “The rate of attacks is not necessarily going up. The population is rising and the interest in aquatic recreation grows,” University of Florida ichthyologist George Burgess said in the universitz’s international shark attack report. “That will continue as population rises. If a shark actually bites, we suggest clawing at its eyes and gills, two sensitive areas. One should not act passively if under attack – sharks respect size and power.”

Whether it is humans attacking sharks for food or medicine or sharks attacking humans, it never seems like a fair fight.

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Steven Munatones