It Is Not Easy; Nothing Of Consequence Is

It Is Not Easy; Nothing Of Consequence Is

There are very few things in the world left undone by man.”
There’s a reason it hasn’t been done. It won’t be easy; nothing of consequence ever is. The only way to end on top is to start at the bottom.”

Neal Mueller, Paul Ridley, Collin West and Scott Mortensen made these observations as they are shaping up to make the first successful row across the Arctic Ocean. While we agree with the second set of statements, the first statement does not apply to open water swimmers whose world has yet to be fully explored, dared and ventured.

With over 70% of the planet covered in water, Planet Earth is literally just beginning to be challenged by open water swimmers. Innumerable world records and first-time or unprecedented aquatic adventures in oceans, seas, lakes, rivers and bays will be planned, attempted and set over the next generation.

Neal, Paul, Collin and Scott ask the question on their website, “How many people have done some of the world’s greatest adventures?” They give facts on the number of successful mountain climbers, swimmers and rowers (see here).

But in the world of open water swimming, it is easy and exciting to explore your own options like Neal, Paul, Collin and Scott have done.

With so many courses in, around, along and across lakes, rivers, bays, oceans and seas, the world is ready for your adventure.

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Steven Munatones