It Was A Journey Through Some Dark Places

It Was A Journey Through Some Dark Places

Courtesy of Jamie Patrick‘s support team on The Long Swim somewhere near the Bahamas in the Atlantic Ocean.

Jamie [Patrick] had an extraordinary swim [78-mile (125 km) attempt in the Bahamas today]. He endured nearly 18 hours in water temperatures 86-88°F (about 31°C).

He saw sharks swimming directly beneath him and got stung by WAY too many jellies.

He faced his fears and moved through some dark places. In the end, his symptoms of dehydration and overheating were too big to ignore. We spoke to the local medical team, and our entire crew and his family agreed.

Despite protests from Jamie, the swim was called. It was the right thing to do. We are taking him to the local clinic now. He’s in good spirits but any love or support you can send him as he recovers would be appreciated.

…he is ok but I know his heart is heavy right now with disappointment. Dehydration, overheating and jellyfish cut his journey short – the decision to pull him by his crew was the right one and the boat is now making it’s way slowly back to shore through sand bars and shallow water where he will be given medical attention by the kind staff at Governor’s Harbor Clinic

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Steven Munatones