It Was A Kick For Andrew Gemmell In Fort Myers

It Was A Kick For Andrew Gemmell In Fort Myers

Andrew Gemmell has a kick. A tremendous kick. His kick propelled him from the rear of the pack to a silver medal finish in the 10 km at the 2009 World Swimming Championships.

He swims straight. He swims streamlined. And he swims smart.

Those attributes enabled him to fly past leading Arthur Frayler on the final straightaway of the USA Swimming Open Water Swimming Championships in Fort Myers, Florida.

I started the final sprint probably about 400 meters out after the last turn,” explained the sophomore from the University of Georgia who is setting himself up for a good run at the USA Olympic Trials in the pool. “The last turn provided me a good launching point to gain some separation, as I could take a different line from Arthur and get some room between me and everyone else.”

He talked about his full schedule this summer where he may swim the 200m butterfly, 400m freestyle, 400m individual medley and 1500m freestyle at the Olympic Trials. “Open water isn’t going a main focus [from] now, as I’m trying to make London in the pool. However after London, I definitely want to be back in open water and looking to be successful in [the World Championships] in 2013. I’ve always thought open water carried over to pool swimming very well. I think this [10 km] race gave me a good place to gauge my training, and winning it is a nice little confidence boost.”

1. Andrew Gemmell 1:58:03.87
2. Janardan Burns 1:58:12.45
3. David Heron 1:58:15.86
4. Joey Pedraza 1:58:15.91
5. Arthur Frayler 1:58:19.67

Defending 10 km champion and America’s representative in the Olympic 10km Marathon Swim, Alex Meyer of Harvard finished 10th in 1:58:47.35 as he continues his road back from a broken collarbone. Full results are here.

Photo shows Andrew Gemmell emerging from the water at the 2009 World Swimming Championships in Rome.

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