It Was The Story Of His Lifetime

It Was The Story Of His Lifetime

20 hours, 31 miles and not quite halfway across the Sea of Cortez, but Paul Lundgren was not disappointed at all at the outcome of his 80-mile Sea of Cortez crossing.

I have the story of a lifetime. There is not one ounce of disappointment in me or my amazing crew. Completely opposite. We literally barely got out of there with our lives,” explains the endurance athlete from California.

With the weather acting up and the water temperature heading down, Lundgren was into “the most amazing adventure of my life.

I got so much more from this swim then I ever dreamed. When my crew, after almost dying at sea thanked me for providing them the greatest, wildest adventure of a lifetime. I have nothing but gratitude left

His three escort boats landed on a beach at night in total blackness as Lundgren got separated from his goggles and swimsuit in the confusion. “I stepped on a stingray that left barbs in my foot and the water turned out 8ºF colder than advertised. We ended up trying to outswim the winds of a tropical storm.”

At the end of the night and day of swimming, he had no regrets in pulling himself out in the storm. “Right now we are all celebrating our feet on terra firma.”

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