Italians Go 1-2 At the World's 10K Championships

Italians Go 1-2 At the World’s 10K Championships

It is a great day for Italy in Roberval. It was the first time for Italians to go 1-2 at a world open water championship. Together in a training camp and training alone, they both had a goal to medal. And, they certainly came through in a very difficult and fiercely-fought race, partly in the rain.

Martina Grimaldi of Italy, always knocking at the door, but barely missing the opportunity to compete at the Beijing Olympics, came busting through today. Her victory was especially impressive as she powered her way to the finish over a very competitive field over the final 500 meters.

In a separate surprise, the first Asian to medal in the World Open Swimming Championships, Yanqiao Fang, finished third. Yanqiao has been gradually gaining experience and played her cards right. But her medal position was partly as a result of two swimmers who finished slightly ahead of her being disqualified for unsportsmanlike conduct (Aurelie Muller of France and Melissa Gorman of Australia)that was confirmed by a video review of the final few meters.

In a course where the water temperature dropped through the event, and the pace was pushed right from the beginning by Eva Fabian of the USA and Keri-Anne Payne of the UK, there were several individuals who pulled out of the race including Olympic 10K gold medalist Larisa Ilchenko.

Additional disqualifications included 2009 FINA World Cup series champion Poliana Okimoto and American Eva Fabian who were up in the lead pack until they missed a buoy less than 600 meters from the finish.

1. GRIMALDI Martina (ITA), 2:05:45.2
2. CONSIGLIO Giorgia (ITA), 2:05:57.4
3. FANG Yanqiao (CHN), 2:05:59.1
4. MAURER Angela (GER), 2:05:59.2
5. CUNHA Ana Marcela (BRA), 2:05:59.7
6. JENNINGS Christine (USA), 2:06:01.1
7. PAYNE Keri-Anne (GBR), 2:06:01.4
8. VILLAECIJA Erika (ESP), 2:06:01.5
9. HEISTER Linsy (NED), 2:06:04.6
10. ASPORD Ophelie (FRA), 2:06:04.8
11. GONZALEZ Alejandra (MEX), 2:06:07.0
12. REQUENA Yurema (ESP), 2:06:25.8
13. PECHANOVA Jana (CZE), 2:06:28.5
14. PATTEN Cassandra (GBR), 2:06:39.5
15. SELIVERSTOVA Ekaterina (RUS), 2:06:44.2
16. BAKER Cara (NZL), 2:06:45.8
17. CARDENAS HERNANDEZ Zaira (MEX), 2:06:48.4
18. HANSFORD Stacey (AUS), 2:07:39.7
19. SITIC Karla (CRO), 2:08:33.2
20. YAN Siyu (CHN), 2:08:33.2
21. BARROS ESQUIVEL Katia (ECU), 2:08:38.2
22. REICHERT Nadine (GER), 2:08:40.1
23. BERESNYEVA Olga (UKR), 2:08:44.8
24. CALDAS CALLE Nataly (ECU), 2:08:48.8
25. DU TOIT Natalie (RSA), 2:09:00.1
26. ZHIDKOVA Anastasia (AZE), 2:09:01.0
27. WILLIAMS Nadine (CAN), 2:10:05.8
28. KOTSUR Inha (AZE), 2:12:16.8

DNF swimmers included ARAOUZOU Kalliopi (GRE), ZUPAN Teja (SLO), BALAZS Zsofia (CAN), LAMMENS Manon (BEL), ILCHENKO Larisa (RUS).

Disqualified swimmers included FABIAN Eva (USA), OKIMOTO Poliana (BRA), MULLER Aurelie (FRA), LYMPERTA Marianna (GRE), GORMAN Melissa (AUS)

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