It's ALL about YOU!

It’s ALL about YOU!

Openwaterpedia that is. This is the place, just like wikipedia, for YOU to expand the knowledge base of our sport (The fastest growing sport in the world). You can make a post about yourself, your race, your favorite venue, a product, or a service. Spend time learning more about the people, places and all ‘things’ in open water swimming. If you see an entry that is incorrect or needs more details – jump in and make an edit. You see, openwaterpedia is yours, it’s ours, it’s a way to learn, contribute and expand what we (with stated bias) call the best sport in the world. So come on over to openwaterpedia now and get started – we have detailed instructions to get you going. Have fun and we’ll see you in the water and on the shore…

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Steven Munatones