It's All In Your Mind In The Ibiza Circumnavigation

It’s All In Your Mind In The Ibiza Circumnavigation

Reto Vuelta a nado Isla de Ibiza is a 5-stage marathon swim over 5 days covering a total of 70 kilometers (43.5 miles) around the island of Ibiza in Spain.

All In Your Mind will organize a limited field of 16 elite swimmers who will tackle 5 individual stage swims between 12 and 14 kilometers from September 30th to October 6.

The swimmers will attempt a complete circumnavigation of the stunningly gorgeous Ibiza where each stage swim begins and ends at an iconic beach on the island.

Ibiza is an sland in the Mediterranean Sea 79 kilometers off the coast of Valencia in Spain. The deadline to register for the event is April 30th. For more information, contact Vicente Beltran of All In Your Mind via email.

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